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Paysilk understand your concerns when shopping online.
So we put buyer protection in our priority list.

Send and receive money instantly

Send Money Free

Send funds to Paysilk Users accounts instantly. Transaction is executed instantly Free.

Transaction protection

Money transfer can be protected by special code. Recipient will not be able to receive funds before entering protection code

Buyer Protection

Buyer Protection Program help you to refund your money or part if you do not receive purchases from the merchants

Instant and safely

Receive money instant from any user who has a Paysilk account

Request money

You can request money from any user who has a Paysilk account

Email Notifications

You will receive instant notifications for each transaction on your account


Are you unhappy with the purchase?


Open a dispute with the seller and describe the cause of dissatisfaction. Seller will receive your payment and be able to return the money to your account.


If you can not agree - start a claim. We will get acquainted with the problem and contact the seller. Be sure we will conduct a detailed investigation of the problem.


We will make a fair decision in a short time and return the money to your account. The refund can be executed in full or in part.

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