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This agreement (hereinafter referred to as the «User Agreement») Regulate the relationship between «Paysilk Corporation» As The «Owner and operator of the brand Paysilk» (hereinafter referred to as the «Paysilk Or System»), and you (hereinafter referred to as the «User»). This Agreement contains definitions and conditions under which the User can use «Paysilk Services».

1.1 The present Agreement determines rights and responsibilities of Internet user who expressed willingness to become the customer of Paysilk (hereinafter referred to as "System").

1.2 User has a right to accept and not to accept the offered conditions that later on will predetermine his participation or non-participation in System.

1.3 The agreement is deemed bilateral and determines rendering of informational service to the user without binding the latter to make any investments.

Provision of Personal Information by User

1.4 Customer is obligated to provide his/her real identity in order to use Paysilk payment system. This information is used only for verification purposes and According to know your customer.

1.5 Having approved the present Agreement and proceeded with registration process in the System, user confirms the transmittal of his data into the System and their use at identification, notification and performance of transactions.

1.6 System customer has a right to change his personal data.

1.7 System customer understands and accepts that some transactions within the system are performed by 3rd parties, such as Paysilk certified Partners, and that the System is not in full control of such activities.

Create Accounts:

2.1 Customer must be Over the legal age (18 years) Or (the legal age in your country if greater than 18).

2.2 Customer can only create one account We do not support multiple accounts.

2.3 Account is a personal customer area of user which functions on the basis of user's personal data.

2.4 Customer is fully responsible for the state of his account, access to it and its control.

2.5 Using the account for illegal transactions will permanently close your account and you will never be able to get a new account.

2.6 Use the account to accept payments on ineligible sites will limit your account.

2.7 Customer undertakes not to use it in unlawful purposes and not to act in operations that can result in system damage.

2.8 Paysilk reserves a right to carry out accounting operations and systematization of all transactions performed by the customer within system.

2.9 Users account is not subject to transfer Or Sell to any other person .


Account Uses:
3.1 Personal account is for online shopping and personal transfers only, you can not accept payments by personal account.
3.2 You are not allowed to use your account to raise Or transfers money on behalf of third parties, or other accounts.


Close Accounts
4.1 Customer has a right to notify Paysilk of his desire to close the account at any time. In this case liquidation of account in System and removal of all personal data specified by the user at registration takes place after finishing of identification of applicant's personality and its check for compliance with the personality of the user that had registered this account.

4.2 Paysilk reserves a right to block the account for term or termless period at occurrence of some suspicions until ascertainment of circumstances.

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